The Mixer: The Australian Magazine of Alcoholics Anonymous

for 'people who normally would not mix.'


We know how important sharing our experience, strength and hope is – at meetings, one on one in cafes, by phone, in letters and emails to one another: when we share honestly with one another or with a potential newcomer, we recreate that first meeting between Bill W. and Dr Bob; which took place because Bill realised, standing in the lobby of the Mayflower Hotel, that unless he found another drunk to tell his story to, he would drink himself. We also know how important writing is in our work on the Steps; undoubtedly, the early Fellowship likewise benefitted from distilling into writing, in its first publication, Alcoholics Anonymous (the ‘Big Book’), the combined experience, strength and hope of the early fellowship; as did their readers. So we can appreciate how significant it is that we now have a forum for a written expression and exploration of the experience, strength and hope of AA members in Australia.

We hope that The Mixer will be a forum for AA members around Australia and overseas to share personal stories of alcoholism and recovery, and to discuss and reflect on issues and topics of interest to AA members and to the Australian Fellowship. In this online magazine, which can be downloaded for printing, we include stories, essays, short pieces and images, on a range of topics, from ID stories to pieces on the Steps, Traditions and Concepts, as well as anecdotes, sayings etc. We invite AA members to contribute their experience, strength and hope in writing, so that other members and, potentially, newcomers, might hear the message that saved our lives, and more importantly, our spirits!

To contribute to The Mixer, please send all content to, or contact your local Area Editor.